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No fire drills planned today

all seasons in one day 16 °C

Blog housekeeping, a bit like the boring bits you get told at the beginning of a conference or flight, all stuff you already know and will never need, but I thought I'd state the obvious on this blogg thingy.

Some days I'm actually uploading a couple of entries at the same time, either as they're covering totally different things or are different days and I haven't been on-line before to upload (well I am in a tent...) so if you are a sucker for punishment you can either check the entry titles on the right hand side or click on Home Page and you get the whole bally lot in scroll version, oldest at the bottom, but I wouldn't advise that unless you're looking for a cure to insomnia or you have a large G&T in hand - if so have one for me will you, as you need a mortgage for one over here :-)


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It's just a simple shower.....

sunny 17 °C

......unless you've got a dog with you!

You see, when the shower and toilet block is a couple of hundred yards away from your tent, and your car is another 200 yards beyond that (current tent pitched in a conservation area, great view, but car free) what to do with the dog when you want a shower or to nip to the toilets when you're travelling alone isn't that straight forward. 

For starters, who wants to disturb a cute, curled up and slumbering Lexi to go out in the rain just because I need to visit the ladies, but disturb her I must, as no matter how well trained she is to sit un-tethered in a shop doorway, for me to disappear off into the night no matter how much I tell her to Stay, has her escaping under the tent and running around the campsite looking for me, so yes, no choice, she has to come with me.

In most campsites so far, the shower has a small area for you to undress and then dry yourself without having to do so under the shower, well that has to become the Lexi area, and still she is not best pleased to have a fine spray of water over her thank you very much, so squashes herself into the very corner by the door. This brings amusing squeals from the lady in the cubicle next door as a long tail appears by her feet, well it amuses me anyway :-) Personally I think she smells lovely after our shower, just a hint of almond and jojoba, but she seems to prefers her own fragrance, she obviously hasn't smelt the car when she's been in it for several hours!!

So far Denmark has been pretty dog friendly, well, if I ignore all the signs saying no dogs and make sure she stays close to me and well behaved, and who could resist those soppy eyes.....I mean Lexi's ;-)

She's adapting amazingly well (so far) and after a mega walk today went straight back to the tent and I could almost feel her relief to be 'home'.

We walked to the large town nearby, with the plan to get a boat back, but boy did I mis-judge the distance, after nearly 3 hours  I was so bored of the trail through the pine trees that I had actually got my kindle out and was reading as I marched on. The boat trip back was stunning though, imagine the huge great houses around Marlow that back onto the Thames, well they would pale into insignificance against the houses on these lakes. Every single house has a jetty and mooring, there are boat houses with kayaks, speed boats that would look at home in Monte Carlo and the houses are quite simply beautiful, manicured lawns, sun terraces, floor to ceiling windows, an architects dream.....so I took all this in, then admired a very well positioned blue tent as we went past a campsite and thought that the Danish could keep their lake side houses as that particular tent looked just as cosy......then the heavens opened....oh well.....would a log burner work in a tent.....?

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Martini, pringles and peace

semi-overcast 19 °C

Yesterday was just a casual day, I'd intended to spend the day at Aarhus but the clouds were overloaded and felt the need to empty over the town, for hours, and there's only so much you can do outside (dogs aren't allowed in museums, art galleries, shops, well, anywhere with a roof pretty much) so we came back to the campsite (where it hadn't been raining) and chilled out for the rest of the day, opening a bottle of Martini and a pack of Pringles. I'm on holiday and junk food is allowed for a Saturday night in. Not that I stayed 'in' for the night, as after that little combination (and no I didn't have the whole bottle!) I fancied a walk so set off along the lake. I stopped for a chat with an events instructor, who'd spent the day teaching a load of corporates how to kayak and was loading up all the boats. Why didn't I ever get fun corporate things like that :-( Anyway, I left him to get on as the night was drawing in and I set off into the forest towards another lake I know (I feel like a local....) and when on the trail through the forest it seemed quite dark, but then I came out onto the lake it was just about still light, the moon was above the tree tops and the sun was setting to the side....and the silence.......  

As seems common around here whenever there is a clearing overlooking the water or a jetty, there is always a table or bench close by and last night was no exception. I sat down to take in the view with the gentle lapping of the water against the bank and then laid down on the bench, head rested on one arm. Lexi laid down next to me, like a lioness on guard and I just dozed, feeling safe, calm and unbelievably peaceful.  

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Seperation anxiety....

sunny 20 °C

.....I've had to leave Lexi in the car for the ferry crossing to Norway. Although it does mean I got to wander around at my leisure for 2 hours, even if restricted to the catamaran's decks, but I still felt terrible as I walked away with those big eyes looking at me.  The best Lexi moment so far was yesterday when we moved into a little cabin just for last night and as I took across the few things we would need, I had her bean bag and pink bear with me.  She came up and very gently took her bear from me and then trotted alongside me as we crossed the campsite, holding her bear in her mouth.

It was very difficult to leave Silkeborg this morning and last night I sat on a jetty reflecting on the first  leg of this trip and realised I will be very lucky if they are all as great as this.  As I drove up through Denmark to the most northern point, the sun continued to shine and as the ferry pulled away, there was just blue sky overhead, a good start indeed to my weeks in Norway.

My trip across on the catamaran was the first time that I felt I was being looked at, as 'out of place'. I was the only single female on the entire ferry and was also the youngest by about 20 years!! So needless to say I was mightily aware of what felt like a walk of shame back from the duty free with a bottle of Martini in my hand (he could have given me a bag!) No I really didn't finish the bottle the other night, but I have another 3 weeks until Barnaby joins me, so need a little glass of something while looking wistfully into the night......

Talking of which I thought I had company a couple of nights ago as there were sounds of activity so close to my head that on one occasion I turned the lamp on convinced something had got in, but all was revealed when I was packing up, as the fluffiest little critter came scurrying out of the small bank a foot away and was making a bee-line for my now collapsed tent. Not sure if it was a vole or dormouse, but I was sure it didn't have a pet passport and so sneaking into Norway wrapped up in my tent was not an option, so there I was trying to keep the little thing away, whilst it ran around in panic trying to find a hiding place and my tent and groundsheet were the closest. Anyway, after what must have looked to anyone else as the rain dance of the possessed, I eventually re-directed it back to its burrow and carried on packing away....who says camping is boring......

We're now at our our first Norwegian campsite and again my hours of trawling the Internet paid off, as I have another great location, this time looking out over the bay with a small marina just to my left. I'm the only tent on the campsite, which is otherwise full of camper vans and caravans with semi-permanent awnings, so I've tucked myself away in a little area protected from the sea winds, but still the great view.

Lexi is adapting so well, this is our fourth pitch in 8 days, and when she takes her teddy off with her to sit out the front I know she's settled.

The village nearby is just stunning, I kept expecting Jessica Fletcher to walk round the corner as it looked just like Cabot Cove (this may mean nothing to some of you, sorry) all white clapperboard houses, all with sun decks, all immaculate, and I even sneaked a peak at the estate agents window and it didn't leave me reeling, but £21 for mussels in garlic sauce with bread and butter did, I feel there is going to be a lot of campfire cooking for the next few weeks, yikes .....

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Norwegian Sea Dogs and a glass of Morgans

semi-overcast 14 °C

Yesterday the heavens opened about 4am and turned into a cracking storm about an hour later and carried on until noon and yes, first thing I was lying in bed, very comfy and cosy, wondering if I was heavy enough to hold the tent down from my sleeping bag and how securely I'd pegged down the tent. Thankfully despite the blue skies I was methodical when putting up the tent including the storm guys and the tent stood up to the storm well, literally :-)

Last night I returned 'home' after spending a couple of hours on a terrace at the waters edge talking to two real old Norwegian sea dogs. In his hay day one was an Hollywood film actor, married to an A lister Italian actress who then got done for drugs returning into Italy. He was beaten up in prison, deported back to Norway, lost his Italian house by the lake, horses and wife, he's now HIV positive, living on his small yacht and sailing alone...... The other one even had the white beard that's obligatory of old sailors and although I was drinking coffee when they arrived, it was verging on being impolite to continue to refuse the offers for a drink and you guessed it, a glass of Captain Morgans arrived...

Then this morning I was sitting at the marina sipping a coffee (well coffee is important and I'm not in a rush anywhere........) and saw a very elegant lady walking onto the jetty, she then stepped onto a small motor boat, got a key on long string out of her handbag,  put her handbag in the bow, put on a fleece,  pressed a button to start the outboard, untied front and back moorings, reversed with great precision away from the jetty and headed out across the bay. I sat and watched as she became a speck on the horizon, that then turned towards a small island in the mouth of the bay and she was gone. Now that is certainly different from when we pop out to the shops!

Lexi continues to keep me occupied, and my wallet empty. If anyone (i.e. me) tells you Norway is expensive, believe them and then offer to buy the next drink, because it is unbelievably and painfully expensive as proven by yesterday's immigration required visit to the vet for Lexi's second treatment. The first treatment cost £17 all inc in the UK, yesterday it cost £75!! £36 for the identical tablets and £39 consultation, so when I discovered Lexi had secretly bought some Tick attracting perfume at Duty Free which resulted in 6 ticks gorging on her in less than 24 hours I was not impressed and just saw my food (and coffee) money going straight to the Norwegian vet. My wallet is a further £28 lighter and I have a dog with swellings all over her and I have to keep her out of the water for the next 24 hours, not an easy task when the beach is less than 20 metres from the tent ......

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